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Cashew Dryer (Insulated) Broma

Cashew Shelling Machine  
Keya Fusion Technology Pvt. Ltd. Company has fabricated and successfully put in production the latest version of the Aultino Cashew Automatic Shelling Machine. The aultino machine is very compact and includes the internal separators, shifter and the shelling section all in one strong frame. The machine is now upgraded with a new structure for mass production. This structure is suitable for medium and small sized cashew factories. The exterior of the machine has not changed significantly (similar look, dimension, weight etc), however, its capacity and performance have been improved considerably.
Aultino machine will match a specific range of cashew nuts sizes listed below:
Type A Machines shell cashew nuts in the size range of 22.5 - 25mm
Type B Machines shell cashew nuts in the size range of 20 - 22.5mm
Individual Nut Mounting, Alignment And Shelling
The automatic processing system will shell individual nuts one by one in a continuous shelling circle. All the operations of correct mounting, positioning, shelling and automated with a speed up to 16 nuts/ second.
Machine Upgrade Brings us:
The number of poorly mounted nuts has been minimised
The shelling has been designed with maximise the number of kernels separated by the machine it self
Improvement of lifetime for most of major parts or components. This design also makes the daily maintenance/cleaning work so simple.
The noise of the machine in operation is now much less with the internal chain Conveyor
Outlet Product Handling
The outlet products may have minor mixtures needing to be manually handled as follows:
Some manual picking of shells which get into the kernel outlet tray.
Manual check and collect broken kernels, unshelled, half-shelled nuts and buds in the shell tray.
Support tools for maintenance are available with each machine.
Capacity, Energy Consumption, Dimension, Weight And Controller
The outer design of hte Machine is compact and efficient. The machine can be operated continuously for three shifts a day if all the periodic operating and maintenance requirements are followed correctly.
The Control Panel of the machine is very simple to operate. each part of the equipment and its operation. It has a default indicator (such as: mechanical / electrical overload, unstable voltage, lack of phase etc). We are very happy to provide this information and appreciate the feedback from our customers. Feedback is considered very carefully so to help us improve the quality of our machines.
Capacity: 70 – 80 kg raw cashew / Hrs
Energy consumption: 0.75 KWH (approximately 1 HP). No compressed air is needed.
Dimension: L x W x H = 1.8m x 1.0m x 1.8m.
Weight: approximately 250 KG.
Cashew Cooker System
The steam vessel made of heavy duty 10 mm thickness M.S. material. All safety devices attached with standard safety measures.
Cashew Cooking System - Capacity as 40 kgs / batch, 80 kgs / batch, 160 kgs / batch, 320 kgs / batch, 640 kgs / batch.
Cashew Dryer (Insulated) Broma
Cashew Kernel dryer, basically comes in three different types:
Cashew Kernel Dryer - Electrical
Cap - 25 kgs / 50 kgs / 100 kgs / 250 kgs / 500 kgs / 750 kgs / 1 Tonne
Cashew Kernel Dryer Borma ( Insulated Body )
Cap - 100 kgs / 150 kgs / 200 kgs / 250 kgs / 500 kgs / 750 kgs / 1 Tonne
Cashew Kernel Dryer Borma ( Hollow Bricks type )
Cap - 250 kgs / 500 kgs / 750 kgs / 1000 kgs.
we are at Gujarat, India.

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